10 Tips to Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh and Potent

10 Tips to Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh and Potent

All cannabis products have a shelf life. With proper storage, you can make them last longer while preserving taste. Storing your cannabis the wrong way can degrade the quality. If it becomes too dry, it loses potency and burns like paper, making it irritating to smoke. If it stays too moist, there is the risk of mold growth. Storing your cannabis in a cool, dark and dry place will maintain its fragrance, cannabinoids and resin. Here are 10 tips to keeping your cannabis fresh and potent all year round.

  1. Use a glass jar – The best container to store your cannabis in is an air-tight glass jar. Glass does not affect the fragrance of your cannabis. It is best to use dark-coloured glass so that light does not get in. Too much light may degrade trichomes.

  2. Use storage units – Alternatively, you may use specially designed storage units to maintain optimal humidity levels. These containers are lightweight, durable and smell-proof.

  3. Remove from plastic baggies – Plastic containers may expose your cannabis to light, air and extreme temperatures. Remove your cannabis from plastic baggies. Plastic has a negative effect on potency, odor and taste.

  4. Maintain ideal humidity – Cannabis that is stored in ideal humidity levels maintains its potency and aroma for one year or longer. The proper humidity range for storing cannabis is 59-63%. This way, the cannabis doesn’t become too dry or too moist, preserving its integrity.

  5. Store in the dark – Light can destroy cannabinoids, reducing potency and negatively affecting terpene profiles. Too much heat can break down trichomes and resin, giving your cannabis an unpleasant flavor and harsh smoke. Store your cannabis in a dark place, with temperatures ranging from 40-72 degrees F.

  6. Do not freeze – Storing cannabis in the fridge will make it brittle. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity may also cause mould growth.

  7. Do not mix strains – Each strain of cannabis has its unique characteristics. As such, they should be stored in different containers. Do not mix strains to preserve their individual benefits.

  8. Use minimal handling – Do not handle buds unnecessarily as this could decrease the potency. Store them intact to preserve the trichomes and terseness.

  9. Do not store with a tobacco humidor – Tobacco humidors are specially designed for cigars and cigarettes. Do not store cannabis in them for a long time, as the flavour profile can change.

  10. Do not include accessories – When storing your buds, do not leave them with accessories. Pipes, bongs or joints will have a negative effect on the odor of fresh cannabis.